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Private Dog Walks

Our individual dog walks give your dog our undivided attention.
We give your dog the sufficient amount of exercise each visit to keep her healthy and happy.

Cat and Small Pet Visit

Daily pet visits are a great relief for pet owners who travel a lot, work long hours, or are simply taking a well deserved vacation.
Visits are available for any type of pet (dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, fish and more) and include feeding, walking, play-time, and/or litter box clean up.

Day or Evening Care

While you're away each day or evening, offer your pet less stressful, and more personalized care.
Our visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and can be provided at any time of the day you prefer.

Overnight Sitting in Your Home

We provide overnight sitting in your home to maintain a stable environment and routine for your pets, and ensure the safety of your home while you're away.
Overnights include feeding, play-time, walking, and/or litter box clean up, and basic home maintenance including watering plants, rotating lights, bringing in the mail and newspapers, and adjusting the heat or air conditioning.

Pet Taxi

Let us transport your pets to and from the veterinarian, groomer, trainer, airport or other location.
We make pet supply deliveries.



Private Dog Walks

Cat and Small Pet Visits

Day or Evening Care

Overnight Sitting

Pet Taxi